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Screening & Hiring Process

Tradeco utilizes a comprehensive screening & hiring process to single out the most qualified & reliable applicants.

1. Applicant Pre-Screen

Walk-in applications are not accepted at Tradeco. Applicants may call or visit a local Tradeco office to inquire about employment opportunities and be pre-screened to determine if there’s a possible fit. The pre-screen involves asking a series of questions to determine if the applicant meets some minimum hiring requirements. We also ask questions about their work experience to help us determine if it is someone we should to get to know more. If there is mutual interest, we set a firm future date and time for an application and interview – this way, we can assess whether they’re capable of keeping appointments. If they’re late for their interview appointment, it’s highly likely they’ll exhibit tardiness behaviors.

4. References

Every Tradeco applicant must provide a minimum of two previous employer references. This process is done verbally by having a candid, open discussion with former supervisors. It is very detailed as we confirm skills, attitudes, behaviors, attendance, and ability to produce quality workmanship in an efficient manner. We do not generally make an offer when reference checks cannot be completed.

2. Employment Applications

The application is detailed, capturing educational, work, and military history as well as a comprehensive tool inventory and skills assessment. We not only review the content of the supplied information but also take into consideration neatness and completeness. This analysis provides valuable insight into the applicant’s ability to follow written instructions and produce quality work.

5. Drug Test – 10 Panel

All offers of employment are extended contingent upon passing a 10-panel urine drug screen. A negative test result automatically disqualifies the applicant from being hired.

3. Interview

We require all interviews to be conducted face-to-face with an experienced Tradeco Project Manager. This discussion goes deep into the candidate’s background providing critical information about their ability to perform at a high level, how they get along with others, attitudes toward management, ability to verbally communicate, and how reliable they are. And because we ask them to come dressed as they would for work, we can evaluate the acceptability of their clothing and grooming habits.

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