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Safety is
Priority 1!

Tradeco’s customers rely on our outstanding record of safety to help them maintain safe job sites. We take this responsibility very seriously and work hard to maintain these measures to help keep our employees safe.

Post Offer Testing

All Tradeco employees are tested after an offer is made and before their first day of work. The offer is withdrawn if the applicant tests positive for substance abuse.

Random Testing

Employees are randomly drug tested. Random testing selects from 10% up to 100% of all employees. An employee MUST test within 24 hours of being selected.

Post Accident Testing

Any Tradeco employee involved in a work-place injury will be tested for alcohol and/or drug use within 8 hours of the accident.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

Any fact which is observed and/or reported to management and supports a reasonable belief that an employee is using or has symptoms of drugs and/or alcohol use will be tested for alcohol and/or drug use.

All new employees must go through a Four-Part safety training with a Tradeco Project Manager. Part I is a Safety Orientation Interactive Video which reviews the following topics: hand & power tools; PPE; forklift safety; lock-out/tag-out; hazard communication; housekeeping; emergency response; slips, trips, & falls; fire protection; first aid; and electrical safety. The video concludes with a quiz which offers correct/incorrect remediation to reinforce effectiveness of the training.

Part II is a comprehensive New Employee Safety Orientation that is delivered in person by a Tradeco Project Manager via a PowerPoint presentation. This orientation covers topics included in the safety video in addition to other topics such as safety procedures regarding excavation, confined spaces, ladder use, respiratory, hearing conservation, PPE, and drugs & alcohol.

Part III is a thorough review of Tradeco’s Safety Policies regarding our expectations about following safety rules and the consequences (both physically and disciplinary) of not adhering to them. Blatant disregard for safety procedures is grounds for immediate termination.

Part IV is a thorough review of the Tradeco Safety Program Manual, which provides a detailed and extensive explanation and full review of our safety goals, policies, and procedures that make up the Tradeco Safety Program. The overall main goal of the Tradeco Safety Program is Zero Accidents.

Having an OSHA-10 Certification is a condition of employment.

Applicants that are hired that do not have an OSHA-10 Certification must attend the next regularly scheduled OSHA-10 class provided by an authorized OSHA-10 Trainer contracted by Tradeco.

All participants receive a Certificate of Completion along with an OSHA-10 Card furnished by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Employees are provided with ongoing safety education through the use of:

  • Safety Videos
  • Mini Safety Meetings using Tool Box Talks
  • Payroll envelope Safety Topic inserts

All employees are issued OSHA required Personal Protective Equipment that must be worn at all times in work that require them.

To ensure compliance, a Tradeco Manager routinely and randomly visits job sites to catch and reward those tradespeople demonstrating appropriate safety behaviors.

Blatant disregard for use of PPE or the violation of any safety rule, law, or procedure is grounds for termination.

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