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When our staff meets with a construction business for the first time, management is quick to ask what makes us different. They mean truly different. Well, here are some reasons you can sink your teeth into:

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Tradeco

1. Safety Trained Employees

All Tradeco field employees are required to have an OSHA-10 Certification. If they’re not already certified at the time they are hired, the offer we extend is contingent on attending the next regularly scheduled in-house OSHA-10 training class, usually led by a Tradeco-employed Risk Manager authorized to teach OSHA-10. We also provide our employees other safety training based on customer and/or job site need such as OSHA-30 and NFPA 70E. This is all in addition to a comprehensive Safety Orientation, which includes a thorough review of our company Safety Policy.

4. E-Verify

In addition to a drug-free workforce, we’re only interested in employing a legal workforce. To make absolutely sure, we utilize the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system to validate the eligibility of newly hired employees. In fact, this process is a legal requirement on certain Federal contracts and some states now require E-Verify for all contractors & subcontractors. As some high-profile court cases have shown recently, having illegal aliens working on your job sites, no matter who the employer is, can and will get you into serious trouble. In some areas, hiring an illegal worker is a crime punishable by imprisonment in addition to heavy penalties & fines.

2. Strict Attendance Standards

Tradeco has a reputation of employing tradespeople that are extremely reliable, often times more reliable than those employed by our own customers – or so we’re told! We attribute that to our low tolerance of chronic tardiness and poor attendance habits. We screen hard at the front end, especially during reference-checking, to avoid hiring unreliable employees in the first place. Once hired, we spend a lot of time during the New Employee Orientation making our expectations and consequences for not meeting them crystal clear. Then we act swiftly and appropriately if any problems occur. And paying out a weekly Perfect Attendance Bonus helps keep everyone motivated to be at work on-time every single day.

5. Local Ownership

Whereas our competition hires “representatives” to run their offices, our sales and management staff have a direct financial stake in the branch office that will serve your business. So they have every incentive to make sure you receive a high level of service so that you get your jobs done safely and on or ahead of schedule with nothing less than the highest quality workmanship. Tradeco is on the cutting edge when it comes to local ownership and we’re proud of the loyalty it facilitates, which probably explains why we have the lowest turnover in our industry.

3. 10-Panel Urine Drug Screens

Unfortunately, most companies don’t drug test. And those that do usually perform only a 5-panel test. At Tradeco, we take it to the extreme and make all offers contingent upon passing a 10-panel urine drug test. That’s right – 10-PANEL – and we are not aware of even one competitor that goes this far. Our comprehensive Drug Abuse Policy also calls for drug testing post-accident, random, and reasonable suspicion. Bottom line is we want a workforce that’s 100% drug free.

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